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Orange Civic Theatre

29th June - 1st July 2018




Orange Civic Theatre

26th October - 3rd November 2018







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Calling for Submissions for

2019 Productions

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                                                                                                                                                                  26th  October to 3rd November 2018



Wednesday 13th June – register 7.15 for a 7.30 start

Sunday 17th June  - register 5.15  for a 5.30 start

Monday 18th June – register 7.15 for a 7.30 start

Wednesday 20th June – Call backs from 7pm (you will be notified if required)



To audition you must be in year six at school as a minimum.

There are opportunities for both males and females of all ages within the production.

Everyone auditioning will be required to participate in BOTH the vocal and dance components of the audition process.

If you are auditioning for a lead role, you will also be required to perform a short piece of dialogue.

Links to all characters are listed below.

All music for the audition is also provided below with a vocal guide and an instrumental track.




The dance link below will begin with “movers”, which everyone will do, then it continues on to the “dancers” section.

Please note, there is also a tap audition for the role of Scuttle and anyone else who wishes to be considered as part of the seagull dance ensemble.

The dance audition music is also below.


General Dance Audition Link - ("Movers" AND "Dancers" sections) - without music

General Dance Audition Link - ("Movers" AND "Dancers" sections) - with music

General Dance Audition -("Movers" AND "Dancers") - Music ONLY


General Dance Audition with boys variations for "Dancers" section


Tap Dance Audition Link - without music

Tap Dance Audition Link - with music

Tap Dance Audition  - Music ONLY


You may choose to attend any day of auditions, but please note that you will need to be there at the beginning, as we will be commencing with the dancing, then singing, then dialogue.

ALL auditions will be open.


Please fill out AUDITION FORM and bring along to the audition with you. Please make sure to sign the agreement on the 2nd page.

A reminder that anyone who is 18 and over will need to have a Working With Children Check number or application number.

Follow the link below to register for this. The WWCC needs to be verified before you can be accepted as a cast member.


It is also necessary to become an OTC member, but this can be done once you have been selected on the cast.



Rehearsals will commence Monday 23rd July.







ARIEL is a strong-willed teenage mermaid who longs to be human. She possesses a keen curiosity for the world both under and above the sea – much to the chagrin of her father, King Triton.

A mezzo soprano with strong top notes and able to move well.

Stage age approximately 16 years and above. She needs to be younger than her sisters but old enough to leave home and fall in love.


Song - “The World Above” 

  “The World Above” VOCAL GUIDE

“The World Above” BACKING TRACK

Dialogue - Ariel and Triton



PRINCE ERIC is an adventurous human monarch who captures Ariel’s heart. He is charming and sensitive, but also has a stubborn side making him determined to get what he wants –

including the girl with the mysterious voice.



Song – “ Her Voice”



Dialogue - Prince Eric and Grimsby



FLOUNDER is Ariel’s sincere and sensitive best friend who rarely leaves her side. A spunky fish with a sweet sense of humour, he can be also be awkward and anxious around Ariel as he has a crush on her.

Stage age a 12 year old boy but can also be played by a girl.


AUDITION : Song – “She’s in Love”

“She's in Love - Flounder” VOCAL GUIDE

“She's in Love - Flounder” BACKING TRACK

Dialogue - Flounder



SEBASTIAN is achoirmaster of King Triton’s court who has a dramatic flair. He is a meticulous, uptight, ever-anxious crab.

He should be able to perform with a broad send-up of a Caribbean accent and his more fidgety than fluid with his movement.


AUDITION : Song “Under the Sea”

“Under The Sea” VOCAL GUIDE


Dialogue -  Sebastian



KING TRITON is King of the Sea and a single father to seven girls. He is fond of his daughters, though frustrated with their teenage angst.

He is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to his daughter’s safety.


AUDITION : Song “Fathoms Below”

“Fathoms Below” VOCAL GUIDE

“Fathoms Below” BACKING TRACK

Dialogue – Ariel and Triton



SCUTTLE is the know-it-all seagull who serves as Ariel’s expert on all things human. Scuttle is eccentric but more endearing than aggravating. He is enthusiastic and infectious.

A Tenor with the ability to tap dance. Could also be played by a female.

AUDITION : Song “Positoovity”

“Positoovity” VOCAL GUIDE

“Positoovity” BACKING TRACK

Dialogue – Scuttle

Dance – Both audition dances



URSULA is the tentacled and manipulative Sea Witch who is sister to King Triton. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

With a flash of glamour and larger-than-life confidence she can be played by a low alto but a contralto is ideal.

AUDITION : Song “Poor Unfortunate Souls”

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” VOCAL GUIDE

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” BACKING TRACK

Dialogue – Ursula



GRIMSBY is Prince Eric’s prim and proper valet. He is truly fond of Eric but quite stern. He is constantly trying to guide him towards the throne and finding a suitable bride fit for a royal marriage.

Though he has a few small solos, Grimsby needn’t be a strong singer, he could speak-sing his part.

AUDITION : Song “The Contest”

“The Contest” VOCAL GUIDE


Dialogue –Prince Eric and Grimsby



MERSISTERS Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, and Allana are all the daughters of King Triton and sisters of Ariel.

Full of personality and sass, each should be distinct in character.

A mersister should be a strong singer and be able to move well.

AUDITION : Song “She’s in Love”

“She's in Love - Mersisters” VOCAL GUIDE

“She's in Love - Mersisters” BACKING TRACK



FLOTSAM and JETSAM are Ursula’s devious servants.  They are tricky and menacing electric eels and are always lurking about.

Altos or tenors with very good movement skills or dancers.

AUDITION : Song “Sweet Child” , please note you may sing any of the words as the two characters overlap sometimes, pick and choose as you feel appropriate.

“Sweet Child” VOCAL GUIDE


Dialogue – Flotsam and Jetsam



CHEF LOUIS is the melodramatic head chef in the palace. He becomes physically and vocally flustered by Sebastian, who always manages to escape his grasp.

A tenor who is highly comedic with an exaggerated over-the-top French accent.

AUDITION : Song “ Les Poissons”

“Les Poissons” VOCAL GUIDE

“Les Poissons” BACKING TRACK




Sailors, Sea Creatures of various sizes and species, Windward and Leeward who are trumpet fish in King Triton’s court, Seagulls, Maids, Chefs, Princesses



MALE – Choice of “Fathoms Below” or “Under the Sea”

"Fathoms Below" VOCAL GUIDE

"Fathoms Below" BACKING TRACK

"Under The Sea" VOCAL GUIDE



  FEMALE – Choice of “Part of Your World” or “Under the Sea”

"Part of Your World" VOCAL GUIDE

"Part of Your World" BACKING TRACK

"Under The Sea" VOCAL GUIDE





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